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Glastonbury 3

The Old Well House - click for larger image

Red and White Springs

Next to the Chalice Well and just a short distance up Well House Lane you’ll find the old well house where spring water from the Tor was once held in a reservoir. Water flows from a small spigot on the side of the building. This is the White spring that flows from under the Tor. Over thousands of years, the spring created a cave system that goes under the Tor for at least a quarter of a mile. The cave isn’t open to the public, but I’ve heard that at certain times someone is there who’ll at least let you look into the cave. There used to be a small shop and cafe inside the well house selling crystals and serving tea and biscuits, but it is now closed. On the other side of the lane is the red spring that comes from Chalice Well. Both the red and white spring are said to possess healing properties. If you’re walking up to the Tor, you can stop and fill your water bottle with water from both springs if you choose.

White spring - click for larger image


Chalice Well and Gardens
Located on Chilkwell Street and Well House Lane, Chalice Well and Gardens are adjacent to Chalice Hill and also near the Tor. This is a very wonderful area. The gardens are beautifully maintained and filled with many varieties of flowers, plants and trees. Chalice Well is a sacred artesian well that flows continuously. Its water has a high iron content, staining the rocks over which it flows a reddish color. The water flow of about 1000 gallons per hour is unchanging year round. It flows through the gardens, forms two small waterfalls, and then goes underground to makes its way to the fish ponds in Glastonbury Abby. The water is pure to drink and is purported to have healing properties. You can fill you water bottle at the Lion’s Head.

The Holy Grail
Legend indicates that Joseph of Arimathea buried the Holy Grail in Chalice Hill along with two containers of Jesus’ blood that came from his wounds while on the cross. After that the water turned blood red, in resonance with the Blood of Christ.

Lion’s Head where you can fill your water bottle
click for larger image

Chalice Well Garden - click for larger image


The Vesica Piscis
On the cover of the well you’ll see the Vesica Piscis, which is formed from two overlapping circles with a sword passing through them. It represents the union of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Male and Female. The sword represents the means through which one can be present in both worlds simultaneously.

The well is capped and there is an old underground reservoir that can be seen if one looks into the well when the sun’s angle is right. Some have used the reservoir for initiations and have plunged into the cold water, diving down through the doorway and into the reservoir chamber to carry out sacred rites.

The well area and gardens have a mysteriously peaceful ambience and are a wonderful place for meditation and quiet reflection. Many go to the gardens for this reason.

Fairies in the Gardens
Those who are sensitive are able to see fairies in the gardens. These appear as a circle of misty pale light moving from flower to flower. At other times, they’re seen as a small bright light. On other levels of awareness, especially if one meditates or is taken on a guided meditation, one can see the fairies more vividly. They take on a more classic form and one can communicate with them. The fairies are delighted when humans are aware of them and will often provide healing, guidance and blessings.

Chalice Well - click for larger image


Pilgrim's Bath - click for larger image


Pilgrim’s Bath
Below the first waterfall is Pilgrims’ Bath, which was the scene of healings in the 1700’s. At its peak, up to 10,000 people a day came seeking cures. The healing energies are still present and although the numbers are nothing like the past, many still come for this reason. (The bath is much shallower than the original.) The healing properties of the area come as much from the energy of the water as from the subtle spiritual energies of the grounds. Powerful ley lines, called the Michael and Mary lines, meet in the King Arthur’s Court area between the waterfall and Pilgrims’ Bath.


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