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This Class is Sold Out
Please email us to be placed on the waiting list.
To make a final payment if you've already registered,
please call us at 1-800-332-8112 or 1-248-948-8112
or fax 1-248-948-9534.

Reiki at Stonehenge - 2015
William Lee Rand

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master June 1-5, 2015
Residental Training
Class fee $1100 USD

Room, Meals and Tax $775 USD
Total cost $1875 USD
$800 USD deposit
Class registration and room check-in Monday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.
Monday dinner at 7:00 p.m.
Class begins at 
9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning
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Fee includes cost of class, room and meals, bus ride to and from Stonehenge, entrance to Stonehenge and Special Access to the inner circle of Stonehenge for the ignition.

Note that this is US $s and given the exchange rate, this is a real bargain for those living in the UK and Europe.

This class includes Holy Fire Reiki

Glastonbury - Ancient Isle of Avalon - pdf

The main ignition will be inside the stones at Stonehenge. Bus transportation will be provided from Glastonbury to Stonehenge.

We will have the stones all to ourselves for over an hour and be able to meditate with them prior to and after the ignition. Stonehenge was built at this location because of the powerful ley lines that meet here and the uplifting healing energies that converge both from below and from above.

Stonehenge was built over a period of about 1500 years in a number of stages, the oldest of which was about 5000 years ago. It started with circular earthwork. Then over time, additional features were added with each stage becoming more impressive. The large sarsen stones, the main feature of Stonehenge were part of the final phase and were put in place about 2400BC. The design, construction and refinements of Stonehenge cannot be found anywhere else among the prehistoric stone circles of Europe. The size of the stones, some weighing up to 45 tons and the distance they were moved, over 30km, make Stonehenge one of the most astonishing of all achievements of the prehistoric people of Europe. Stonehenge was used by prehistoric people for a period of 2000 years.

Sensitives who have tuned into the people who used Stonehenge find that it was a joyous place, used to celebrate rights of passage such as weddings and child birth as well as death. Harvests were celebrated there and it was a place where people went to pray and to receive initiation into the priesthood. An oblong carving of the mother-goddess is on the inside face of the fourth trilithon of the horseshoe. Therefore, our use to initiate you as an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki master or a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® master, aligns with the purpose for which Stonehenge was created. May the energy, wisdom and love of the ancient ones who created Stonehenge empower your initiation as a healer and your mission to help others.

Class is held in Glastonbury

The main ignition will be at Stonehenge which will take place in the evening just before sunset. However, the main part of the workshop will be in Glastonbury. The Glastonbury area is as interesting or even more so than Stonehenge. It's is filled with sacred sites that contain wonderful spiritual energies. It is said to be one of the earth's most important power spots and is felt to be the heart chakra of the earth. This power spot is located at The Tor, a hill with a tower at the top and a spiral maze going around the side, said to be connected with the Great Goddess and created about 2000-3000 BC. The Chalice Hill and Chalice Well with the Red and White springs are said to impart healing energies. The Abbey where King Arthur and Gwenhwyfar are said to have been buried.

There are many other sacred sites and stories about the area. I recommend you read Glastonbury, Ancient Isle of Avalon so you'll be familar with the area and be able to make plans to visit the sacred sites. Also, it's important to schedule your trip so you arrive a few days early or stay a few days after the workshop so you will have time to explore and enjoy. (The workshop is all day long and you will have very little time to explore on the days of the workshop.) It's possible for you to book extra time before and after the workshop at the Abbey or one of the local B&Bs.  See additional accommodations.

Group Hike on Friday, June 5 at 9:45 a.m.
I'll be leading a group hike to the sacred sites around Glastonbury on Friday morning after class, so be sure to schedule time for this.

Needless to say, because of the location, and the time of year, (just before Summer Solstice) this will be a very powerful workshop.

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Complete Class Description

Residental Workshop Location
Abbey Retreat House

Chilkwell Street
Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8DH, UK
You do not need to contact Abbey House to register for the workshop.
By sending your deposit and filling out our forms, we'll
take care of your registration including room and meals.

Booking extra days at Abbey Retreat House
If you'd like to book extra days at Abbey Retreat House before or after the
workshop, please contact Abbey Retreat House.
Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury BA6 8DH, United Kingdom
Phone - +44 1458 831112
Or, email info@abbeyhouse.org

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Retreat House

View from a guest room

View from class room

Retreat House Grounds

The Abbey Retreat House is a beautiful, peaceful setting and is located adjacent to the Glastonbury Abbey. We will have free access to the Glastonbury Abbey grounds both during and after hours through our own gate.  To read more about the Abbey Retreat House click here.

Since we will be living together and eating our meals with each other, we'll have a wonderful opportunity to bond  and deepen our healing experience.

The fee includes checking in at the Abbey Retreat House on Monday, afternoon which will include dinner and checking out on Friday morning which will include breakfast. I highly recommend that you come several days early and stay several days after to enjoy the beautiful spiritual environment around Glastonbury. To do this I recommend you book into one of the local B&Bs. Please see links at the bottom of this page for other accommodations.

Map of Glastonbury showing workshop location
Click Here

Full Size Glastonbury Map

Students Share Their Experiences

Wow, I came to realize on arrival at the weekend that this course was ensuring that I am reminded of my true purpose. I was humbled and in awe at the people I met—from all walks of life and every corner of the earth (so it seemed). . . . William, for me Stonehenge was a moment that will live on in my heart forever. . . . The joy was so pure that I couldn’t control the emotion. Thank you for taking us there. . . . Your pure heart helped us experience this magical presence of stillness and peace. It was incredible. Love, Lorraine

The Glastonbury Reiki Master training I received in June, 2007 was intensely deep and meaningful. I have been in full-time practice as a Reiki Master for several years.  I came to the class with a number of questions and needs for healing in my own life and a desire to deepen my personal connection with Reiki. The class met me where I was and helped me just where I needed it! Being among the stones at Stonehenge was truly an amazing experience. I felt that time was altered, and I felt the power of that place in my very bones. The stones seem to be living beings, sentinels watching over humanity, providing gentle, eternal guidance for anyone who cares to listen respectfully to their ancient, wise voices. . . . William’s teaching style continues to deepen. I found him very accessible, gentle, and patient. His guided meditations brought fresh, personal insight, and his knowledge of the history and heritage of Reiki gives students a solid foundation for belief and practice. Russell Clay, New York City

This was my third Reiki Master attunement, and I felt that this one at Stonehenge was my first. I did not feel complete as a Usui Master until I took your class. . . . This was such an emotional, personal experience that is it difficult to relate. Peace, Mary Stewart

I, too, feel truly blessed to have experienced this process of becoming a Reiki Master with you and all of the wonderful people in the class. My experience in Glastonbury and Stonehenge was truly amazing and life changing. You could call it a transformation of sorts, the way a butterfly becomes free after developing in a cocoon. . . . I felt instantly filled with light upon entering Glastonbury. The energy there is indescribable. I felt a huge connection to everyone and everything. It has inspired me to experience all that the world has to offer. I have and would highly recommend this powerful experience to anyone interested in taking a journey of self-discovery. Take care. Penny Waggener

The Reiki Master Training I had at Glastonbury was a beautiful experience. I met some wonderful Reiki healers, and I have some memories that I will treasure for a lifetime. William, you are a wonderful spiritual guide and Reiki Master. Your meditations, I believe, develop a very deep spiritual awareness and connectiveness both with the spirit of Reiki and with each other within the group. . . . I could probably write a thousand words about the wonderful healing experience we have all had; the strongest memory is of love and light, sheer joy of sharing the experience with such beautiful healers and people, with the knowledge that our own spiritual energy is higher, and will continue to grow and develop. Namaste, Julie Bradford

These were excerpts of previous student experiences. To read more, click here

Arrival/Departure dates: There are lots of power spots and sacred sites within walking distance of Glastonbury and since there will be no time to explore them on class days, I suggest that you arrive a couple of days before class and stay at least an extra day if you can so you have time to spend at the Tor, Chalice Well the Abby and so forth. Also, on the day after class, I'll be leading a group hike to many of these sacred sites. This will be a casual hike with lots of time to stop and smell the roses. Many students have said the hike is as meaningful an experience as going to Stonehenge. So make sure you book extra time at the Abbey or at one of the other B&Bs.

Glastonbury Information

Links for Accommodations:
Glastonbury Tourist Information Center

Looking for the lowest airfares? Try these sites:

Class Information
Please call us at 1-800-332-8112 or 1-248-948-8112
or email classes@reiki.org for more detailed information about our classes.

Necessary Qualifications: To Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of the ICRT and was trademarked to preserve the basics of the system. Students who go on to teach Karuna Reiki® must agree to teach in a similar manor as taught by the ICRT and to abide by a code of ethics and minimum teaching standards and to also use the Karuna Reiki® manuals offered by the ICRT.

For more details see the Karuna web site at http://www.reiki.org/Download/HolyFireKarunaRegForm.pdf 

You must already be a Reiki master in order to take this class. This can be with any lineage. You are required to send in a copy of your Reiki master certificate when registering. Please fax to 248-948-9534 or send as an attached file to jan@reiki.org  Please be prepared to complete your class payment before or at the beginning of class. Also bring any stones, crystals or sacred objects you may have as we will be placing them in the center of the circle to be blessed by our healing energies during the meditations. You may also consider taking crystals or stones to Stonehenge to be charged by the stones or to place in our ignition circle. Tape recorders are permitted in class for anyone who wishes.Your class manual will be sent to you a month or so before class. Please study and memorize the practitioner and master symbols located on pages 18-26 as we will be having a test on drawing them in class.

After completing this class, you will also be offered the opportunity to become a "Registered Karuna Reiki® Master" with The International Center for Reiki Training. You will then be able to use our manuals and your student certificates will come from the Center. If you would like more information about this process, please click here.

Note:  The deposit for this class in non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another class.


This Class is Sold Out
Please email us to be placed on the waiting list.
To make a final payment if you've already registered,
please call us at 1-800-332-8112 or 1-248-948-8112
or fax 1-248-948-9534.

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