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Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Training
January 26-28, 2016
8:30am to 4pm

Special New Zealand Discount $1400 $1200 USD

Who is qualified
Anyone with Reiki Master from any lineage.

Usui/Holy Fire II ART/Master class taught prior to this class.

William Lee Rand

This class includes Holy Fire II Reiki

Queenstown on the South Island is in a beautiful part of New Zealand. In fact many of the most scenic parts of the Lord of the Rings were filmed here. The class will be held at the Rydges Hotel on the shore of Lake Wakatipu with the Remarkable Mountains in the background and visible from the classroom. Queenstown is also known as the Adventure capitol of the world with a wide range of recreational activities available. This is a great location for a Reiki workshop as well as for a vacation! To learn more, please go to: www.rydges.com/queenstown

View photos of the area

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Training
This class is the next step after Reiki Master and is both a practitioner and a Master class. Those who take the class will be able to use the Karuna symbols in their Reiki sessions and teach all levels of Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki®. It is complete with eight practitioner symbols, one master symbol, three ignitions and two mediations that are guided directly by the Holy Fire.

Holy Fire II Upgrade
In this class you will also receive the Holy Fire II upgrade. This upgrade will allow you to give Placements which are Ignition like experiences for Reiki I&II and ART instead of attunements. This makes teaching these levels of Reiki much easier. In addition, it makes teaching the ART/Master and this class easier too as you will not be demonstrating, and practicing the attunements in class. Also, the Placement system provides a more effective level of Reiki for the student and also empowers the symbols with more effective healing energy. The Usui energy is no longer part of the system, but has been replaced with Holy Fire Reiki energy. However, all four of the Usui symbols are still used.

The Karuna II symbols have a higher vibration. They help connect directly with the Higher Self and work on a deeper level. While they have specific purposes discussed in class, the experience of their energy allows intuitive guidance in their use.

Both levels of Karuna Reik® and both attunements will be given as well as instruction and practice on the use of all twelve symbols. You will be able to teach all four levels of Karuna Reiki®, two practitioner levels and two master levels after taking this class.

Lots of practice time is included for giving treatments, using the symbols and for learning the attunement processes.

We will also be doing a Reiki meditation to be aware of and heal the Shadow Self and using chanting and toning with Karuna Reiki®.

Come network with other Reiki Masters from all over the country and often the world! This is an exciting workshop with lots of dedicated, high energy people.

A certificate and a manual is included with in depth descriptions of each symbol and each attunement process.

You will also be offered the opportunity to become a "Registered Karuna Reiki® Master" with The International Center for Reiki Training. You will then be able to use our manuals and your student certificates will come from the Center. If you would like more information on becoming this process, please contact us.

This workshop is a deeply healing experience

For More Information on Karuna Reiki®
Click Here

If you have questions about this workshop,
please contact the Center at 800-332-8112,
248-948-8112, fax 248-948-9534 or email center@reiki.org

Lodging and Meals
Students are responsible for their own lodging and meals.

Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown
P38-54 Lake Esplanade
Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Phone +64 3 442 7600
Web Site
Watch video about Rydges Lakeland Resort

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In the course of learning the healing techniques and attunements, we'll be practicing on each other and be deeply as well. This will be a wonderful class and I look forward to seeing you.

Love and blessings,
William Lee Rand

Necessary Qualifications
To qualify to take this class, a student must have been a Reiki master
for at least 6 months and be able to draw the Reiki II and master
symbols from memory. Prior classes must have been in person with
your teacher. We do not accept online, mail order, DVD or other
distant Reiki training for qualification  At the time of registration you
are required to send in a copy of your Reiki Master certificate.
Please fax to 248-948-9534 or send as an attached file to center@reiki.org 

Class prices are in USD. Your credit card company will
convert the amount back into NZD or the currency of your country.

Special New Zealand Discount $1400 $1200 USD

You can register for this class by paying the whole fee of $1,200.00, or by paying the non-refundable registration fee of $500.00. Deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another class within 1 year. Your class balance of $700.00 can also be paid here. After acceptance into the class, your class information and manual will be sent.
Pay for class in full, $1,200.00
Pay for class registration, $500.00
Pay for class balance, $700.00


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