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Reiki Master Manual Table of Contents

Reiki Master Manual
Table of Contents

The Logo 1-3
Reiki Ideals 1-4
Introduction 1-5
Lineage 1-8
Center Philosophy and Purpose 1-9

Tools & Techniques
Reiki Healing Process 2-3
Moving Meditation 2-6
Reiki Meditation - Part One & Two 2-8
The Reiki Grid 2-10
Aura Clearing 2-14
Reiki Master Meditation 2-20

Usui Reiki Symbols 3-3
Kanji Symbols 3-6
Reiki II Symbols 3-9
Usui Master Symbol 3-10
Tibetan Master Symbol & Fire Serpent 3-12
Antahkarana 3-15

Reiki Attunements 4-3
Hui Yin Exercise 4-5
Preparations 4-6
Violet Breath 4-6
Healing Attunement Explained 4-8
Healing Attunement 4-10
Reiki I Attunement 4-14
Reiki II Attunement 4-18
Advanced Reiki Training Attunement 4-22
Reiki Master Attunement 4-26
Attuning Yourself, Distant Attunements etc. 4-30
Western Style Usui Attunements 4-33
Alternate Reiki I Attunement 4-43
Four Attunement Method 4-45

Teaching Reiki
Becoming A Reiki Master 5-3
What Is Possible For A Reiki Master 5-6
Creating A Reiki Class 5-9
Developing Your Reiki Practice 5-13
Values That Bring Success On All Levels 5-20
Center Licensed Teacher Program 5-22
Class Outlines 5-24

Forms and Resources
Symbol Quiz 6-3
Client Information Form 6-5
Center Resource List 6-8 

Sample sections

The following are samples of text from various parts of the manual.

Western Reiki
Reiki was introduced to the West by Mrs. Takata when she returned from her visit to Japan in 1938 and became a Shinpiden. Her teacher, Chujiro Hayashi Sensei was the last Shinpiden student certified by Usui Sensei. Hayashi was also a medical doctor and had also been an officer in the Navy. Usui Sensei gave Hayashi the assignment of further developing the Usui system from the view point of a medical doctor. Hayashi remained a member of the Gakkai1 at this time, but opened a Reiki clinic and school called Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai which was separate from the Gakkai. In his clinic he carried out the assignment given to him by Usui Sensei and this resulted in the development of a new style of Reiki Ryoho. . . . . .

Usui/Tibetan Reiki
Iris Ishikuro was one of Mrs. Takata's students and was also her cousin. She received the Usui Master training from her. Iris also had other training. She was involved with the Johrei Fellowship, a religion that includes healing with energy projected from the hands. She had also learned another kind of Reiki from her sister who worked in a Tibetan temple in Hawaii. This other kind of Reiki came to be called Raku Kei.3

Reiki Healing Process
After taking a Reiki class or even after a treatment, some people report experiencing physical symptoms such as runny nose, colds, diarrhea, stomach aches, aches and pains in the body including headache, fatigue, etc. This sometimes (but not always) happens and these symptoms are caused by healing changes taking place in the body. If you have been in a weakened or sick condition or have been operating at less than your highest level of health, toxins tend to accumulate in various tissues. When healing takes place, your system will begin operating on a higher level of efficiency and begin releasing these stored toxins. When this happens, they enter the blood stream and then are eliminated by the liver, kidneys, bowel, through the skin, etc.

Another thing to consider is that if one or more organs have been operating at less than optimal health, the other organs in the body have had to compensate for them. When the weak or sick organs heal, not only do they change the way they have been operating, but so must the ones that were compensating for the weakened ones. Because of this, many parts of the body go through a period of adjustment when healing takes place. And in the same way that a muscle that hasn't been exercised in a while will feel sore at first when it does begin to be used, many of your organs will also feel sore as they adjust to the new healthier way of functioning. . . . . .

Aura Clearing
We all have dormant abilities inside ourselves waiting to be used. The ability to heal ourselves and each other is one of those abilities. It is simply a matter of claiming your power and developing the skill to use it. Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery) is a tool that allows you to take charge of your inner power and use it to heal.

I developed this Aura Clearing technique based on training I received from a Kahuna while living in Hawaii. I took a technique I learned from him and after meditating on it and asking for help from my guides, combined it with Reiki energy. This technique is easily learned in class with the help of a Center Licensed Reiki Master. By carefully following these instructions, you will be able to do Aura Clearing on yourself or your clients with powerful results.
The main reason people are not in optimum health is because they attract or create blocks to the flow of life force energy within themselves. These blocks are usually made of ideas, beliefs and emotions that are opposed to the person's maximum well being. They are usually created because of misunderstandings about how to get one's needs met in a healthy way. Blocks to life force energy usually take on a particular shape and lodge themselves in or around the organs of the body or in the chakras or aura. These negative energy blocks can cause health problems as well as other difficulties in life. Once they are removed, the life force energy returns to its normal healthy flow and the person's health is restored. . . . .

Usui Reiki Symbols
It is always important to know what a teacher's information is based on. That is, where does it come from. There has been a certain amount of information in the Reiki community that is based more on rumor than on verifiable facts. Because of this it is apparent that in some cases the information being passed on has become confused to the extent that non-Usui symbols are being called Usui symbols. The information for this article comes from the training I received starting in 1981 including training from four Reiki Masters who received their Masterships directly from Mrs. Takata, plus my continuing study and research into Reiki including the exchange of symbols, attunements and important Reiki information with Reiki Masters from Japan and the West.

The Reiki symbols are transcendental in their functioning. Whereas most symbols have an effect on the subconscious mind of the user, causing a change in one's internal state, the Reiki symbols access the source of Reiki directly and signal a change in how the Reiki energy functions, independent of one's internal state. There are many ways to activate the Reiki symbols. They can be activated by drawing them with the hand, by visualizing them, or by saying the name either out loud or to oneself. Intention is the main ingredient in activation, and it is possible with awareness to activate them by intention alone.

The power and effectiveness of the symbols come from the Reiki attunement that is given during a Reiki class. Before the attunement, the student is shown the symbols and given time to memorize them. During the attunement, the energies of each symbol come down and enter the student's mind/body, linking themselves to the appropriate symbol in the student's mind. Afterward, whenever the student uses the symbol, the same energies that they were linked to during the attunement are activated and begin flowing. This linking or activation of the Reiki symbols during the attunement process makes use of the stimulus/response mechanism which is a dynamic part of the human mind. The Reiki symbol becomes the stimulus and the particular energy the symbol represents is the response. However, because the attunement is guided by the Higher Power, and functions at a higher level of awareness, the stimulus/response mechanism doesn't require the repetition normally necessary to establish a relationship between stimulus and response. It happens immediately. . . . .

The Reiki attunement is a sacred spiritual initiation that connects the initiate with higher levels of consciousness and an unlimited source of healing energy. It heals and conditions the crown, heart, and palm chakras for their use in channeling Reiki and makes other adjustments in the students energy system necessary on an individual basis. Reiki is a gift which comes directly from the highest spiritual source and as such should be treated with the greatest respect. It is unique in that there are no requirements of spiritual purification necessary in order for it to work and in order for a person to receive the attunements. This includes the Reiki III attunement wherein one can go on to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. Therefore the term "Master" in connection with Reiki is a special one and does not carry with it the same meaning as a spiritual master who is free of all karma, completely purified and enlightened. In fact, as stated earlier, the Japanese word for this level is Shinpiden which means mystery teaching.

Anyone, regardless of the degree of their spiritual development can receive the ability to pass on Reiki to others. Because of this, the level of spiritual development may vary from student to student, but all have the ability to heal. Therefore, all Reiki Masters/Teachers are equal in that they all have the ability to pass on Reiki to others. However, their ability as teachers and their understanding of Reiki does vary and is determined mainly by the standards of the individual teacher or school where they have studied, along with personally developed skills and experience. . . . . . .

Teaching Reiki
Teaching Reiki classes can be very rewarding. Watching your students receive the ability to give Reiki for the first time can fill your heart with joy. Seeing their surprise and delight at the new energy they are experiencing, and then having them follow your guidance as they learn to give Reiki treatments to themselves and others is a meaningful experience. The advanced classes are even more fulfilling as your students will now have experience with Reiki and be excited about learning more or becoming Reiki masters themselves. If you are a Reiki master and have been hesitant to teach, for whatever reason, I encourage you to move forward and plan to begin teaching. The rewards that come from teaching far out weigh the effort necessary to prepare or the responsibilities that are required to do it well. Learning new skills and helping others are important parts of personal growth. By deciding to become a teaching Reiki master and accepting this as an important part of your spiritual path, you will be propelled more quickly on your journey and experience greater fulfillment. Developing the skills necessary and working with your students will expand your comfort zone and enhance your self-worth. The appreciation and love you and your students develop for each other can affect you deeply and create memories that last a lifetime.

It's important to consider what is possible to take place in a Reiki class and in what way it can affect your students and yourself. A well organize and facilitated class, presented with love and compassion and balanced with the clear expression of factual information along with adequate demonstration and practice time can lift your students up to an entirely new level of awareness and self-esteem. If presented in this way, they will be motivated to use Reiki on themselves and others. Hopefully some will also consider eventually starting a Reiki practice of their own or becoming Reiki teachers so that the good you create in class will continue on as your students use Reiki to help and train others. With this in mind, a well presented Reiki class can become a significant turning point in the lives of your students. . . . .

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