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Massage Today Magazine Review

January 15, 2006
The Wonderful Reiki Touch Kit

 Review of - The Reiki Touch
Reprint from Massage Today Magazine www.massagetoday.com
Reviewed by Mary Lou Young, LMT, NCTMB
Rating: 10 out of 10

William Lee Rand is recognized nationally and internationally as a preeminent Reiki practitioner.  Founder and President of the International Center For Reiki Training, he has been practicing and teaching Reiki for a quarter of a century and is the publisher and editor of the Reiki News Magazine, and the author of Reiki: The Healing Touch, and Reiki For a New Millennium, in addition to myriad articles and audio/video materials.

This latest offering, The Reiki Touch, is a compilation of printed, video and audio materials that provide an extensive and comprehensive learning/teaching program for any Reiki student and practitioner.

The 100-page workbook is divided into 17 well-defined chapters and a tutorial.  The logical layout makes the book easy to follow, and it covers subject matter defining Reiki and how it heals; providing hand positions for applying Reiki self-treatments, Byosen scanning and gyoshi ho; and Reiki as it relates to the spiritual portion of our lives.  The tutorial at the end of the book is well done and clearly details the content of this boxed set.  It’s a concise, wonderfully presented book.

A 60-minute DVD includes instructions on hand positions, scanning techniques and the advanced use of Reiki; for example, techniques to see past lives and auras.

The first CD provides three guided meditations to help one strengthen Reiki energy, deepen the healing experience and contemplate on a spiritual guide(s).  I found this CD particularly helpful, and personally think it is the best CD on this subject I have heard to date.

The second CD is a 79-minute collection of exquisite music wonderfully suited for Reiki treatments. 

Thirty illustrated, instructional Reiki cards demonstrate hand positions and call for the use of various symbols and techniques to use during any given Reiki session.

Overall, this is a terrific program and package on Reiki; it’s also a bargain.

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