Reiki Presenation DVD

Reiki Presentation DVD
y William Lee Rand

This DVD now includes a pdf file of the
first edition  of  the Reiki News Magazine (otherwise out of print)

Now available FREE with the purchase of The Reiki Touch Kit

William talks about both the spiritual and the practical sides of Reiki

DVD Reiki Video
by William Lee Rand

Recorded at the 2004 Reiki retreat 

Be inspired by the spiritual possibilities of Reiki as well as learn the practical aspects needed to create a successful Reiki practice.

The Spiritual Value of Reiki (36:14)
Creating a Successful Reiki Practice (62:45)
Meditation on the Source of Reiki (12:51)
Questions and Answers (11:49)

Total Length 2 hrs

Subjects covered:
The nature of Reiki energy
Developing your Reiki energy
Reiki and enlightenment
Reiki, karma and Grace
Reiki and World Peace
Setting goals for your Reiki practice
Developing your skills
The importance of your energy field
Accomplishing your goals
Money issues
Elements of a successful Reiki class
Developing class materials

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