Summer 02 Reiki News Magazine

Summer 2002

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This is the first edition of the Reiki News Magazine! It contains a number of valuable articles and information to enhance your Reiki practice including two posters, one of the Usui Memorial and the other of Dr. Mikao Usui. Here is a description of the articles:

The Usui Memorial
by William Lee Rand
This is a description of the memorial stone erected by Dr. Usui's students shortly after his death in 1926. It includes a translation of the text on the stone which is one of the few authentic descriptions of the history of Dr. Usui's life and his discovery and development of Usui Reiki. William also provides a commentary on the Usui Memorial.

Creating a Reiki Class
by William Lee Rand
William provides important insights and observations about how to create a successful Reiki class. Special focus is given on creating group rapport, listening and responding to the needs of the class and raising class consciousness to make learning a healing experience. Information on developing your own teaching style, combining Japanese and Western Reiki techniques, class materials, and after class follow-up is included.

Why Do We Need Reiki
by William Lee Rand
The question is sometimes asked: "If Reiki comes from the Higher Power which is present everywhere, and is filled with Love toward us, why do we need Reiki practitioners? Why doesn't the Higher Power just provide healing to everyone who needs it automatically? William sheds light on this important issue and offers an answer.

Reiki - Sacred or Secret
by Laurelle, Shanit Gaia
The reason behind the secrecy in Reiki is explained and the value of keeping the process sacred is expressed. Laurelle says: "When Reiki is incorporated into all aspects of our life, we soon learn that among the greatest lessons it teaches us is the importance of relinguishing our desire, or perceived need to be in control. When we do release our attempts to control, we can truly allow our life to be guided, and mastered by Divine Love."

Sweat, Prayer, & Reiki
by Janny Eianna Adkins, R.N.
The author describes her experiences her Native American Sweat Lodge experience and how she used Reiki to help the healing process.

Reiki Stories
These stories, sent in by readers describe the miracle working power of Reiki. Included are healings involving pancreatic, ovarian and stomach and cancer, a missing collar bone grows back, blocked arteries cleared, back pain, hearing, polyps and diabetes.

Reiki and Tai Chi
by Phillp Chan, M.D.
Dr. Chan describes his experience in using Reiki with Tai Chi. He notes that a synergy developed between them so that both practices benefited. His Reiki became stronger and the flow of energy while practicing Tai Chi also increased.

Self-Healing Meditation
by Kathie Lipinski, R.N.
A meditation to bring healing to the chakras, aura and any areas in pain or in need of healing.

Dr. Usui's Three Pillars of Reiki
by Beth Simmons Stapor
Dr. Usui focused on three component of Reiki which he said were essential. These are gassho, reiji-ho and chiryo and Beth explains what they are and how to practice them.

Karuna ReikiĀ® - An Answer to the Heart's Call
by Premdaya
The author explains the value of Karuna ReikiĀ® and describes her personal experiences with this amazing healing technique. Her heart was opened and her healing ability enhanced.

Core Beliefs
by Mary Grace
Your core beliefs either hold you back or increase your enjoyment of life. Discovering what your core beliefs are can create the awareness needed to heal and express your potential. Mary explains exercises to explore and heal your core beliefs.


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