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Create a Thriving Reiki Practice, Part I

Vision, Intention and Attitudes

by William Lee Rand

This is an excerpt from the complete article that appears in the Winter 2006 edition of the Reiki News Magazine.

If you’ve taken a Reiki class, even if it is Level I, it’s possible to use your skill as a healer to start a Reiki practice. That’s right; you don’t need to wait until you’ve become a Reiki Master to start a practice. Back in the 80’s, when Reiki II cost $500 and only a select few could become Reiki Masters, it was considered normal and appropriate to start an active Reiki practice after taking the first class. Keep in mind that Takata sensei worked in Dr. Hayashi’s clinic giving professional Reiki sessions to his clients with only Reiki I training.

Remember, you’re not the one doing the healing; it’s the Reiki energy. Its supply is unlimited, and it is guided by the highest Divine wisdom. How could you doubt that it wouldn’t work right or provide the healing your clients need? One of the most important lessons the beginning Reiki practitioner or practitioners at any level can learn is to have confidence in the Reiki energy to guide you in creating the healing experience that is exactly right for each client. When you are able to set your ego aside and trust that Reiki will work, you are ready to become a Reiki practitioner. And this can be done even after taking a beginning class! In saying this, I’m talking about someone who has taken a well-organized class from a competent instructor and has also taken the time to practice by giving complete sessions with friends and family. If you’ve taken one of the higher degrees, that is even better, but the important thing is that if you have any level of training, as long as it was good training, you’re ready to start right now.

There is tremendous value in having a thriving Reiki practice. Think about what this would look and feel like. If you had 10 clients a week and charged $75 each, you’d be earning close to $40,000 a year just from sessions. You’d likely be working 10-15 hours a week giving the sessions and an additional 10 or so hours for marketing, bookkeeping and other business activities for a total of about 25 hours a week! You’d even be able to work from your home if you wanted to. How do those numbers sound? If you decided to teach, which wouldn’t be difficult with that kind of clientele as potential students, you could add an additional $20,000 or more to your income. As you can see, a Reiki practice can be a real job that earns real income. There is also a special satisfaction that comes from being your own boss and running your own business.

In addition to these purely financial results, there are also emotional and spiritual benefits that can be even more fulfilling. You’ll be immersed in Reiki energy several hours a day on a regular basis. This will have a positive affect on your health. At the same time, giving Reiki sessions to others and seeing them heal and grow will fill your heart with peace and joy. You’ll be providing a service to others and to your community that will connect you to them in a very loving and spiritual way. Being in this type of energetic environment will quicken your personal growth and move you more quickly along on your spiritual path.

As you can see, a successful Reiki practice can provide you with both material and spiritual benefits in a way that is entirely healthy for you and your clients. Getting a successful practice started will require a clear commitment and focused activity over a period of time. Starting out with a part time effort and eventually working at it full time, it might take six months or more of promoting and developing your practice before you begin to approach the numbers mentioned above, but a thriving Reiki practice provides rewards that are more than worth the effort it takes to create success. Think about how valuable a successful practice will be for you, your life and for those who come to see you for sessions.

The first step toward realizing your goal is to do an assessment of your inner attitudes and beliefs as well as the personal resources you possess that can be employed in the attainment of your goal.

The foundation of all we do is our inner state. It is out of this state that we are able to create what we attempt to do. Having a strong enthusiastic intention to achieve your goal is necessary. If you have a half-hearted desire or are not really excited about creating a thriving Reiki practice, or if you don’t really believe you can do it, or if you feel that you don’t really deserve it, then you’re not likely to do very well. It takes strong motivation backed by emotional energy to achieve a goal as important as this. If you don’t have this state spontaneously, or if you find yourself in a slump once you've started your project, there is something you can do to pump yourself back up. Here’s an exercise that is important to do right from the beginning and continue everyday. It will give you the energy and enthusiasm you need to accomplish your goal.

Goal Manifesting Exercise

  1. Write your goal on a 3x5 card something like this: “I have a thriving Reiki practice. I see ten or more clients a week and teach classes. I have a thriving Reiki practice. I see ten or more clients a week and teach classes. I have a thriving Reiki practice. I see ten or more clients a week and teach classes.” Be sure to repeat it three times.
  2. Then place the card in your hand. If you’ve taken Reiki II or higher, draw all your Reiki symbols in the air over the card. If not, then simply use Reiki by itself.
  3. Place the card between your hands and give it Reiki, intending that the Reiki energy empower and manifest your goal.
  4. As you do this, repeat the affirmation to yourself over and over as you send it Reiki.
  5. In addition, visualize yourself with a thriving Reiki practice. Picture this imagery in a field of Reiki light up above your head. See yourself looking at your client file and seeing it full of client records. See checks and money flowing into your pocket and your bank account. See yourself in your treatment room working with a client knowing many more are on the way. When you visualize this, know in your heart that when this happens, it will be a truly exciting and satisfying accomplishment. Fill yourself with feelings of excitement, joy and success as though it’s actually happening right now! Allow yourself to get caught up in this inner state so that you lose awareness of your surroundings and are as fully absorbed as possible in the positive feelings of having a thriving Reiki practice.
  6. Do this exercise at least once a day, but more often if possible. The more you do it, the better you’ll be able to enter the desired state and the more beneficial it will be for you.

This exercise is very important to practice everyday. It is part of the training you need to strengthen your energy field and cultivate the inner qualities necessary to excel at accomplishing your purpose. It is better if you do it at the same time each day, such as in the morning before you start your day or at lunchtime. Not only will it give you the personal energy to accomplish your goal and motivate you to do what you need to do, it will enhance your creativity and create a powerful magnetic force that will attract to you all the people and resources you need. This will make it much easier to develop a thriving Reiki practice.

Because Reiki energy is the basis of this process, you’ll be developing a special connection to the highest level of guidance and healing. This connection will develop over time to be a wonderful source of strength, inspiration and encouragement that will help you develop all the personal qualities necessary to accomplish and even surpass your goals.

This is just part of the article by William. To read the rest of the article and learn about the other ways to create a thriving Reiki practice, please order the Winter 2006 back issue.

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