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Peace On Earth

by William Lee Rand

Wei Ji, the Chinese word for crisis, is created from the characters for danger and opportunity.  So it is that with every danger, an opportunity also presents itself.  One of the most important things to develop from the terrorist attacks is the tremendous connectedness that suddenly developed between people everywhere.  It seems that the destruction of the WTC, along with the deaths of so many innocent people, blew away a vale that was preventing us from being aware of the common bonds that link all of us on the planet.  Gone were the trivial concerns and the superficial worries and there, staring us in the face was a much more sensitive, caring and heart felt knowingness that life is both sacred and temporary. After this, just seeing another person at the supermarket or walking down the street, created a greater feeling of openness and appreciation and a real heart connection - even with strangers. 

Also, people all over the planet immediately began to pray for peace and send Reiki. Many reported having very powerful experiences and could feel the oneness of intent as so many joined together all over the planet to send help. This tremendous uplifting of hearts has created an energy field around the planet so powerful that it is attracting qualities of healing energy much higher than ever before. Many spiritual workers have reported this fact.

And so, because this higher, more powerful healing energy is available to us now, a new opportunity presents itself to us. Amazing things can happen! It is now possible to heal ourselves, others and to heal the planet more quickly and deeply than ever before. However, to take advantage of it, we must turn away from any tendency to feel anger, jealousy, hate or fear and to focus on the light.  We must lift our hearts up and focus on the new possibilities that present themselves to us now. I am talking about you, your life, right now!  A new level of consciousness is possible. As we open to positive change at the core level, we are transformed. This includes a new way of solving problems and dealing with life.  As we heal, we heal the planet. I invite you to tune into this opportunity and make it real.

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