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Healing Grounding Problems with Rainbow Reiki

by Walter Lübeck, creator of Rainbow Reiki

Grounding problems have occurred for some people during or after Reiki treatments. While this rarely happens, if it does, it is good to have a method for dealing with it. Also, ability to ground ones energy at other times is valuable. Being ungrounded can cause symptoms like spontaneous headaches, dizziness, nausea, spontaneous pains or difficulty orienting normally in space and time.

Whenever these kinds of problems occur you can use some simple Rainbow Reiki techniques to harmonize the flows of energy. Then the symptoms will quickly fade away.

  1. Use Reiki at the soles of both feet. Increase the flow of Reiki by using the power symbol and it’s mantra.

  2. If this won’t work, use Reiki to both knees and both ankles. By applying the power symbol and its mantra also this technique will work more effectively.

  3. Balance both hemispheres of the brain by using Reiki on the temples.

  4. Balance the 6 main chakras by applying Reiki on the 1st and 6th, then on the 2nd and 5th, and at last on the 3rd and 4th.

Please make sure that after using the techniques explained in point 3. and 4. the techniques described in point 1 and 2 should be applied for some time. Some physical labor, sports, having some food and walking around with bare feet also will increase the abilities of the body to ground itself. Alcohol, tobacco products and other drugs, fasting and all kind of energy work which concentrates on the head should be avoided if grounding problems occur.
Visit Walters web site at http://www.rainbowreiki.net

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