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Mrs. Takata's Hilo Clinic

by William Lee Rand

Last July I went to Hawaii on vacation and while on the Big Island, revisited Mrs. Takata's Hilo clinic. It is located at 2070 Kilauea Ave. in Hilo and is now occupied by the Kline Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Kline is also an Aikido instructor and includes healing in his practice.

In 1995 Duff Cady, one of our Licensed Teachers researched the location of the clinic. He found one of Mrs. Takata's Reiki ads in a local newspaper, the Tribune Herald dated March 3, 1941. This was before the attack on Pearl Harbor. As you can see it lists her address in Hilo. Duff discovered Mrs. Takata's Reiki sign in the basement of the building, still there after all those years! Note that above and behind the words on the upper left of the sign, you can see the word "Reiki". For some reason, Mrs. Takata must have changed her mind about advertising Reiki and painted the new words over it. The picture on the right is Mrs. Takata taken about the time she purchase the clinic. The picture on the left was taken on my first visit in 1996. The light behind my right shoulder appears to be two spiritual beings. There was no light behind me nor anything to reflect light so it's presence in the picture is a mystery. To read more about the discovery of her clinic please go to: http://www.reiki.org/reikinews/reikin23.html


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