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Holy Fire

by Roberta Campbell Kipling

Holy Fire is an energy that enables us to heal ourselves and others more effectively and more deeply. It puts a new spark into our Reiki, or, more accurately, it takes our Reiki up to a new level. It bathes us in love and in light, and our clients too. It connects us directly with divine guidance and its blessings are innumerable.

The word ‘Holy’ comes from the same root as the word ‘holistic’ meaning to be whole and complete. It also denotes having a spiritually pure quality. Holy Fire has no association with any religion.

This new energy came into Reiki in January 2014, when William Rand, the President of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) was guided to introduce this new energy into his class. It was immediately recognised as a powerful healing energy.

I believe it has come to us at this time in our evolution when we are ready to work with high vibrations that link us directly to the divine, to the third heaven, the highest place of light and love and of the source of Reiki.

‘Holy Fire is demonstrating so many more qualities and benefits and is more refined and coming from a higher level of consciousness than any other healing energy we have experienced. And in addition, it continues to develop and appears to have a tremendous potential to become ever more helpful and beneficial,’ says William Rand.

What can it do?
Holy Fire can bring you deep healing, peace, love and a direct connection with the Divine. Once you have opened yourself to receive the Holy Fire it will fill you with love. You will receive deep healing, even of long- standing issues. It can heal spontaneously as issues emerge and its light connects you directly to the place of love and light, where the source of Reiki originates.

Hoy Fire can guide and lead you in a new way along your spiritual path, and can increase your spiritual gifts. Guidance is clearer and more direct and Holy Fire gives you the strength and energy you need to fulfil your direction.

It strengthens your healing of others, in person and at a distance and brings peace and wisdom to help those who need our comfort and support.

It protects us from all harm and strengthens all our relationships with partners, friends and family using the highest form of love. Holy Fire helps banish fear and replaces it with profound peace. It lifts negative thoughts and critical attitudes, replacing them with love and peace. It protects us from darkness and surrounds us with light, connecting us eternally to the light.

It connects us to the highest guides, ascended masters and beings of light from the third heaven who have no ego and whose guidance is pure and filled with love.

Making Reiki Stronger
You and others will almost certainly find your Reiki become noticeably stronger. Your hands are likely to feel hotter than before when giving Reiki and clients receiving Holy Fire Reiki treatments really notice the difference too. It is wonderful when clients say they have never experienced a healing session like this before, and when deep- seated emotional issues are released and healed – without having to relive the pain.

Some clients have reported that they almost had to ask for my hands to be lifted when healing because the heat seemed so intense.

What does this all mean? It means that with Holy Fire Reiki, healing is very strong and effective. It is still gentle and deeply relaxing, but heals very deeply. I would say that for me Holy Fire has both strengthened and simplified my practice. It guides as well as heals, and bathes the client in its healing fiame while guiding the hands of the healer to the energetic pathway for this healing energy to enter.

Getting the Holy Fire Energy
Holy Fire is received in a Reiki Master class through an ‘ignition’ which is facilitated by a Master who has themselves received the Holy Fire. The ignition is different from the normal attunements, and is guided directly by the Holy Fire itself. It is called an ignition because the Holy Fire is ignited within the student through a process which is deeply meditative and powerfully healing.

If you are just beginning your Reiki training and are not yet ready to take your Reiki Master class, then you can still get a taste of Holy Fire energy. Its energy infuses the meditations you will experience as part of all levels of Holy Fire Reiki courses, and raises the level of the attunements too.

Students who have received a re-attunement with the Holy Fire symbol have noticed a difference in the level of energy received and have found it a very positive experience.

My students who were already Reiki Masters are overjoyed to find healing energies strengthened and taken to a new level following their Holy Fire ignition. They experience deep healing, awareness of feelings of profound love and peace and a direct connection with the mysteries of the source of love and light. They feel purified and know a new level of guidance. They also report feeling a deep connection with the earth.

Last August at the Chalice Well Healing Weekend in Glastonbury, a number of people enjoyed Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® sessions for the first time and received deep healing and many blessings. As I gave the healing, many said that they had never experienced this kind of healing before and were surprised by the quality of the energy and the heat emanating from my hands.

The wonderful Holy Fire energy coupled with the subtle qualities of this wonderful place, a place of peace and healing throughout several millennia, mingled that weekend. It brought a new depth of joy, peace, love and healing to me as a healer and to those who chose to experience it.

How to use the new Holy Fire energy
This is the wonderful part of your Holy Fire experience. Holy Fire will heal where it is needed, when it is needed. This is as true for your own healing as for those to whom you give healing. It always respects free will

As the Holy Fire is ignited within you, it becomes part of your being, of your field. It is therefore always available, and always works for the highest good, while respecting the free will of the person receiving it. The Holy Fire symbol can be used in all Reiki healing work.

I use the Holy Fire symbol as I start the session and sit back and wait to see what further guidance I receive. Holy Fire surrounds the person in light. It reaches where it is needed, whether in body, soul or spirit, or in all three. Holy Fire purifies us by burning away the old patterns and thought processes that hold us back and have become breeding grounds for fear, or worry; for self doubt or resentment and negativity towards others. Other symbols come in as I am guided to use them and I use the Holy Fire symbol again when closing the session and giving thanks for the healing received.

From the moment you receive your Holy Fire ignition, you are directly connected to the source of love, the place of light. The place I call the third heaven. It connects us with ‘god’, ‘the higher power’, ‘the collective consciousness of the universe’, ‘the cosmic’, ‘the supreme intelligence’ – use whatever name you are comfortable with. This brings clarity of direction to us, and guidance whenever we need it.

Holy Fire heals spontaneously, but always respecting our free will. It brings issues to the surface which need to be healed, and gently sends them up to the light. It reaches parts of us that have resisted healing and heals them effortlessly.

I, myself, have been a counsellor and psychotherapist for over twenty-five years and when I had my Holy Fire ignition, I believed I had dealt with everything in my past that I needed to. Since my ignition, however, new memories have emerged which have simply and painlessly been given up to the light. Sometimes these memories have been associated with feelings of resentment or anger in me, but that has been healed simply and painlessly, yet wholly, by offering these feelings again to the light. Now they are gone and I feel lighter. I feel a depth of love in my heart which I had only sensed before, at least in this lifetime anyhow.

I believe the Holy Fire energy is ancient; on one level it is new and for our time, but I believe it has always existed and it has been the energy which has wrought miracles, has brought true wisdom and has made the impossible happen. Holy Fire connects us to the divine and gives us the skills and knowledge and energy we need to fulfil our divine purpose, help others and the earth too.

Roberta Campbell Kipling, Founder of www.healinglight.org.uk

This article appears in the March-April 2015 issue Kindred Spirit.

© Copyright 2015 The International Center for Reiki Training

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