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Holy Fire II Webinar Recording

Upgrade Your Holy Fire Energy
Replace Attunements with Placements

Webinar recording presented by
William Lee Rand

Holy Fire II has been upgraded to Holy Fire III.
A new webinar recording is available here.

Any student who has taken Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master or
Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master can take this Webinar.

Webinar link will be emailed to you after your qualifications have been verified.
Once you have listened to the Webinar recording, your registration will be
upgraded to Holy Fire II status allowing you to purchase Holy Fire II Manuals.

Do not share the webinar recording link with anyone. If you do they will not get
credit and neither will you. Instead, please direct qualified students to this web page.

The nature of Holy Fire Reiki energy is that it is continually evolving and developing. This takes place within each student after the training. In addition, as our Holy Fire Reiki energy develops, we become ready for major upgrades that are transmitted during a Holy Fire class. A new upgrade is ready to be transmitted. This will take place during the webinar recording, making it easy for all Holy Fire Reiki Masters to receive it. You will also be able to review the webinar recording as many times as you want.

The upgrade of your Holy Fire energy will take place during the webinar recording. This will happen during a special Experience in which additional blocks or issues you may have are released and you will be connected to a higher level of the third heaven. This will further refine and improve the quality of Holy Fire energy you have within you and that you are able to channel when you give Holy Fire sessions to yourself or others and also when you teach. The Experience will be administered directly by the Holy Fire and will be designed uniquely for each individual, providing an upgrade that is exactly right for you. This upgrade is a new level of Holy Fire Reiki called Holy Fire II.

Placements replace Attunements
Previously in Holy Fire classes you received the ability to give Ignitions and Experiences. The Ignitions were for the Master level. However, when teaching levels I, II and ART, attunements were used. In this webinar you’ll receive the ability to give what we call Placements. These are done instead of attunements for levels I, II and ART and are presented like Experiences. Placements are much easier to give and are more powerful and effective. 

During the webinar a special Experience will be conducted. This will prepare you to receive the ability to give Placements. The preparation will involve the removal of the energies and methods you previously used for Holy Fire attunements. During the same Experience the ability to give Placements will be installed. 

If you teach another style of Reiki you will be able to continue to do so as the above process only effects Holy Fire Reiki attunements. Please see the FAQ section below for more information on this topic.

The energy your students receive when you use Placements in your Reiki classes will come entirely from the Holy Fire and will be of a higher vibration than that received from attunements; it will be more refined and be a more effective healing energy. This has been demonstrated in Holy Fire II classes we have been teaching. Additionally, it will have a stronger uplifting effect on the student and provide many spiritual benefits. It is important for you to know that once you take the webinar, you will no longer be able to give attunements and will do Placements instead.

The level I Placement will be used by you when teaching Reiki I and will give the student the ability to channel Reiki energy. The level II Placement will be used when teaching Reiki II and will increase the level of healing energy that dwells within the student and that they are able to channel. It will also empower the Reiki II symbols. The ART level Placement will be used when teaching ART and will further empower the level of healing energy that dwells within the student and will also empower the DKM symbol for use in sessions.

Explaining Placements to Students
If students ask if you give attunements or otherwise ask about attunements, just tell them that, “What used to take place during attunements now takes place during what we call a Placement.” Or to simplify your explanation you could say that “Yes we do attunements, but we now call them Placements.” Also, let them know that this is a more refined and effective experience that will give the student a noticeably improved level of healing energy.  They will feel more joy, peace and happiness and be able to impart this to their clients. 

Giving Placements
After this webinar, you will be able to give Placements to your students instead of attunements, when you teach Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki I&II and ART. In addition, you will receive the ability to pass on the ability to do Placements to your students in the Master classes by using a new version of the Healing in the River of Life Experience. The new Holy Fire II Master manuals are available on this website. Please call or email the office if you have any trouble finding them or ordering them. When teaching Reiki I&II, since the student isn’t given Ignitions, or given the Holy Fire symbol or taught how to give Experiences and Ignitions, and is just taught how to use Reiki I&II, the previous I&II, Reiki, The Healing Touch manual is still used.

Holy Fire II Certificates 
The new classes have new names. The basic difference is rather than using Holy Fire, you use Holy Fire II. Below are the names for the various classes:

Reiki I – Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki I.
Reiki II - Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki II.
Reiki I&II – Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki I&II.
ART - Usui/Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training.
ART/Master - Usui/Holy Fire II ART/Master.
Karuna Reiki® - Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master

Requirements to take the webinar 
To qualify, you must be an Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master or a Holy Fire Karuna  Reiki® Master that is registered with us and listed on our Holy Fire Reiki Master list at HolyFireStudentList.cfm  If you are a Holy Fire Reiki Master and are not registered, you can register by sending a copy of your certificate to jan@reiki.org. If you are not qualified to take this webinar you will not get credit for taking it and will not be able to register or to order manuals – this recording is only for those who already are Holy Fire Reiki masters.

Holy Fire II Webinar
Once you purchase the webinar above and your qualifications verified, we will email the web address for the webinar and you will be able to watch it at any time after this. Also, you’ll be able to review the webinar as many times as you like. Please do not share the webinar link with anyone - they won't receive credit and neither will you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the origin of Holy Fire II Reiki?
A. I began thinking about the attunements that are given for Reiki I&II and ART and how they are the most intensive in terms of physical energy and wondered if Jesus could set them up to be like Ignitions so that physical activity wouldn’t be needed.  In a session with Janice Jones, Jesus indicated that this could be done. So in a series of sessions, Jesus further developed my energy field so I could do them and indicated they would be called Placements.  In addition, I received many additional sessions so that I would be able to pass the ability to give Placements on to others in the Master classes and through the webinar and the recording.

Q. How are the Placements different than the attunements?
A. Rather than physically interacting with the client as is done with attunements, with Placements, the teacher simply leads the students in a short guided meditation to help the students get into a receptive state, then stops talking.  During the 20 minute period after this, while soothing music is playing in the background, the Holy Fire gives the student the Placement directly. This includes giving the student the ability to channel Reiki in level I as well as increasing the strength of the students Reiki and empowering the symbols in Reiki II and ART.  All four Usui symbols are still used.  However, the energy is not the Usui energy, but has been upgraded to a new more wonderful energy that comes from the Holy Fire. 

Q. What are the advantages of being able to give Placements instead of attunements?
A. I taught first the classes at the end of November and beginning of December, 2015 as Holy Fire II classes and used Placements for I&II and ART and also provided the special Experience that passes on the ability to give Placements in the ART/Master and Karuna Master classes.  The results experienced by the students confirmed all that Jesus had promised for this new method.  The energy of the Placements is noticeably more refined and effective than what the attunements had provided and the symbols were also empowered which was confirmed in Reiki sessions in class. In addition, adding Placements to the Holy Fire system of teaching makes it even easier for the teacher as the complicated attunement procedures do not have to be demonstrated, practiced and memorized in the Master classes and the teacher isn’t required to physically interact with the students during the I&II and ART classes. (The class is taught using the same amount of time and the additional time is used to share Reiki with each other and have longer discussions.) This is an advantage as many students do not choose to teach because they have had problems learning the attunements. In addition, taking the webinar also empowers you to facilitate the Holy Fire Healing Experience, which is the upgraded version of the Healing Attunement.

Q. If I take the Holy Fire II Webinar or one of the Holy Fire II Master classes and receive the ability to give Placements, will I be able to continue to give attunements?
A. Not in Holy Fire Reiki classes. During the Holy Fire II webinar an Experience is provided that empowers the student to be able to facilitate the Placements when teaching I&II and ART. (The Master attunements are still facilitated with Ignitions).  In addition, during the Experience, it is necessary that the ability to do attunements for the Holy Fire Reiki classes be removed as if it is not removed, the attunement energy could easily mix with the Placement energy and make it less effective.  Because of this, the teacher will no longer be able to give attunements in Holy Fire classes and will be required to give Placements instead after taking the webinar or a Holy Fire II Reiki class.  Keep in mind that the Placements do the same thing as the attunements except they are more effective.  

However, if the student is a teacher of another style of Reiki that involves attunements, the teacher will be able to continue giving attunements in the other style. The Holy Fire energy will make adjustment to the other style's attunement process so as to bring it into harmony with Holy Fire Reiki (otherwise, the other style could interfer with one's ability to use Holy Fire Reiki). 

Q. How do I explain the Placement system to potential students?  What if they say that they have been told that the attunement is a required part of a Reiki class?
A. Tell them that Placements are our way of giving the attunements.  We just use a different name.  They provide the same results only the energy is more refined and effective and students say they like the Placements better. 

Q. How does the Holy Fire energy enter the energy field?
A.  It does not make use of the chakra system.  Instead, it first enters the spirit which is connected to the energy system at a center below the navel and near what is called the Diantien.  It is important to note that is not the Diantien.  After entering the spirit, it then disseminates to the soul and to every part of ones being including the physical body.

Q. What about the chakras and the microcosmic orbit? Are these used in Holy Fire Reiki?
A. The chakra system was never used by Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei or Takata Sensei and it is not used as an entry point for Holy Fire Reiki energy. The chakra system is open to second heaven beings and therefore does not have the vibratory level necessary to channel Holy Fire energy. However, Holy Fire energy can work with the chakras if they are in need of healing. The microcosmic orbit energy and meditation is not compatible with and is not used in the Holy Fire system.  If the student has had contact with microcosmic orbit energies, they will be released along with the Tibetan symbols and the Violet Breath energy during the pre-ignition or shortly after.

Q. If I don’t take the Holy Fire II upgrade webinar will I still be able to teach Holy Fire Reiki and if so what will the class be called.
A. There is no requirement for a Holy Fire Master student to take the Holy Fire II upgrade webinar.  He or she will be able to continue to teach at the Holy Fire level.   They will continue to call their classes Holy Fire Reiki classes. (Not Holy Fire II Reiki classes).

Q. What about the Healing Attunement.  Will we still be able to use this healing method?
A. After taking the Holy Fire II webinar the Healing Attunement becomes the Holy Fire Healing Experience. The webinar will empower you to be able to facilitate the Holy Fire Healing Experience and instructions will be included on how to do this.  This method uses an Experience to do the same thing as the Healing Attunement, except it is done entirely by the energy of the Holy Fire.  You will still do all the preparation work the same way such as finding the location of the original cause in the physical body as well as the shape, color, texture, temperature, weight and sound.  But it is the light of the third heaven that comes down in the Experience, filling and surrounding the clients’ body with heavenly light and removing the cause.

Q. I like doing the physical attunements because they make a nice transition from the physical to the spiritual as a student progresses in the system to higher levels. I don’t think I would want to stop doing this.
A. With the Placements the Holy Fire energy first enters the spirit and then flows into the soul and into the physical body. The physical body is still involved but is contacted directly by the Holy Fire. It combines the physical and the spiritual energies in a way that feels beautiful and harmonious.

Q. Why are you charging money for this webinar?  I already paid to take the Holy Fire class and I’m already a Holy Fire Master. Am I required to take this class?
A. At our current Reiki class fees, an hour of Master class time cost $42.00 and the webinar is about 2 hours so with this in mind, we should be charging $82.00.  However, because it is a webinar we are offering the Holy Fire II webinar at a reduced price of $35.00. And a student can review the webinar as many times as he or she would like. Keep in mind that you are not required to take this webinar and in fact don’t need to take it. You can continue to teach and practice as a Holy Fire Reiki Master – and will continue to call yourself a Holy Fire Reiki Master. The manuals for this level will continue to be available. But if you take the webinar you will be upgraded to a Holy Fire II Reiki Master and you and your students will experience the additional benefits. 

Q. Since people are receiving the ability to give Placements during a webinar does this open the door for teachers to teach classes at a distance including facilitating the Placements and Ignitions and so forth?
A. This webinar is only for those who already are Holy Fire Reiki masters and it would not work for those who are not. It is not a class, but an upgrade.  William is able to do this because he has received many sessions with Jesus specifically designed to have his energy field upgraded to be able to channel the energy for the webinar. In addition, Jesus will be taking part in the webinar and facilitating the Healing in the River of Life Experience that will give you the ability to give Placements. Therefore, simply taking part in the webinar does not give students the ability to facilitate the Experiences, Placements or Ignitions at a distance or to teach classes at a distance.  The webinar will give students who are already Holy Fire Masters the ability to teach Holy Fire II classes in person.

Q. I understand that as a paid participant, I'll be able to review the webinar as many times as I like. What will happen if I review the Experience?  Will my energy get even stronger?
A. Yes. Each time you review the Experience the Holy Fire appraises your current energy state and formulates a new Experience that will further heal and upgrade your energy.

Q. Do you foresee additional upgrades for Holy Fire Reiki?
A.  Yes. The nature of Holy Fire Reiki is that it has an unlimited potential and because of this, as students’ progress in the use of Holy Fire and the Holy Fire continues to work to develop the energy that students are able to channel, more powerful and effective levels of Holy Fire energy will become available. These will be offered directly to each student and also in the form of upgrade classes and webinars. As we progress in this way, we’ll not only heal ourselves faster and on deeper levels, but also be making ever more effective levels of healing available to others. The goal of the Holy Fire is to establish the third Heaven on Earth. This process will begin with each student and spread to others. 


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