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The Reiki Story Book


The Reiki Story Book: $14.95 Quantity:

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If you need a pick-me-up, open this book and read a few stories.
In it, you’ll discover how Reiki has uplifted and refreshed
people by turning difficulties into success and happiness.

—William Lee Rand, Reiki Master

This book is a collection of stories about people who used Reiki to help solve a wide range of life situations, illnesses and conditions. Many have found that just reading the stories improved their attitude by illustrating that no matter what circumstance you may find yourself in, healing can happen.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and that it encourages you to take a positive action step to heal yourself and improve the quality of your life.

Sample Stories

Dog’s Hind Legs Healed
Last year in November, my step-daughter told me that they wanted to put down their dog, an 11-year-old Boerboel named Zola, as she was having massive hind-leg hip problems to the extent that she couldn’t walk and was struggling to get herself to rise. I had just cleared my grandson of a fever using Reiki, and so I asked my step-daughter if she would allow me to work on Zola. They separated Zola and her partner Bully, and I started intense Reiki on her hind legs and lower back. Following the very first session, my step-daughter and husband noticed a difference. By the third night, Zola was up and using her hind legs, and in fact, ran to meet me at the gate, very excited. We are now at almost seven months and going strong. Unfortunately, Zola’s partner was bitten by a bad strain of tick and passed away within 24 hours. For this reason, it is my belief that God requested that I be there that day to start administering Reiki to Zola so that the family would have one dog left, as He knew what was coming. —Christel Laubscher

Reiki and Cancer
I am a Reiki Master in India and give Reiki I and II attunements, holding two-day sessions for each, and enjoy doing it thoroughly. I also treat people for a variety of problems. Teen counseling has been a great success and with Reiki, I have been able to help quite a few teenagers.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I am called many times to help terminally ill cancer patients going through chemotherapy. In all cases, the patient has a very smooth transition without the side effects of the chemotherapy. Even the doctors have been totally taken aback to see the patients so cheerful and happy and not having the usual side effects.

Given a three-day passing time by her doctor, a leukemia patient survived for thirty-seven days without any suffering and passed away peacefully with a smile on her face, thanks to Reiki. I think this is a great achievement and Reiki made it possible. Thank you. With Love, Light and Reiki, —Bhanumathi Venkatraman

I have been practicing Reiki II for 11 years now, but recently I had one of my more profound experiences. An acquaintance who had been suffering from tinnitus (a ringing sound in the ears) for several years came for a session. He had heard of Reiki but had never tried it and soon after beginning, he said he had an uncomfortable pressure in the center of his head. At this point, I asked him to imagine a doorway in the front of his forehead and to open it. His whole body shuddered as most of the pressure flew out of that chakra. Then I asked him to open a doorway in the top of his head at which point the remaining pressure also departed. For the remainder of the Reiki session, he had outof-body experiences and was astounded by the entire experience, as was I. When he left that day, the tinnitus had completely dissipated. I felt that perhaps it might return slightly, which it has but only to about 10% of the original level. However, there is virtually no discomfort now, and he is certain that further Reiki sessions will completely dissolve the problem. —Steve Atkins, Sydney, Australia

Reiki Heals Depression
About four years ago, I went through a transitional spiritual awakening. I was also almost clinically depressed, and I needed to rid myself of some deep inner negative concepts and habits. I was in great need of some light healing. I went to a local Wicca workshop and there received some Reiki for about an hour as I sat in a chair. I immediately felt a little different afterwards and later noticed a big difference in how I felt. I just kept healing throughout the winter. Surely and gradually, the depression healed and vanished. I was once again “free-spirited” and enthusiastic about life, thank God, and was able to resume my daily routines and continue my inner light work. I am a much more spiritual person nowadays. —Alyse

Reiki in the Classroom
Recently I was able to use Reiki to calm the energy of my restless students. It is the end of the school year and at this time, the students usually become increasingly anxious each day as summer vacation approaches. I decided to use Reiki to change the situation. I envisioned the calming Reiki energy coming down from the heavens and filling me with intensely brilliant white light energy. I projected calming energy towards my students, blanketing the entire classroom with serene waves of energy. I envisioned the energy wafting over their bodies in waves of refreshingly crisp and calming love until a peaceful serenity took over their mood and attitude. Great peace and calming energy filled my heart and the classroom. The light enveloped us all and created a peaceful calm among the students. —K. Jackson

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