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Reiki News Fall 2003

Honoring All Reiki Schools and Lineages 

The Reiki News Magazine is a 80-page full color glossy magazine containing articles on every aspect of Reiki practice written by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Reiki people on the planet. Below is a synopsis of the current issue.

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Fall Issue

Welcome . . .
to the fall issue of the Reiki News Magazine. Our purpose in publishing the magazine is to provide you with inspiration as well as new ideas and techniques so your practice of Reiki can be more fulfilling and beneficial - to you as well as those you treat. By calling on Reiki to guide this process and by continually searching for the very best writers and giving them the freedom and encouragement to produce their best work, we remain focused on fulfilling that purpose. Check the amazing list of articles below. This issue is both exciting and practical!

Here is a list of the articles in this issue:

Reiki and Animals
by Penelope Quest

Animals love Reiki and need healing just like people do. In this article, Penny gives many wonderful examples of how to use Reiki with pets, farm and even wild animals. She also tells how to communicate with them. This is a really useful article and includes how to send Reiki with the aura.

The Horse Whisperer
by William Lee Rand

Since the movie came out several years ago by the same name staring Robert Redford, special training classes have developed to help people understand horses and communicate with them. These have proven to be very powerful experiences and people are learning that horses can not only communicate psychically with us, but can also heal us. Find out what happened when William gave Reiki to a horse.

Hiroshi Doi is Interviewed, Part II
by William Lee Rand

Hiroshi Doi is a leading authority on the practice of Reiki in Japan. His membership in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai places him in a unique position to access information about the original Reiki methods of Dr. Mikao Usui. His dedication to healing and preserving the Usui system of Reiki make him a valuable resource to the Reiki community. In part II of this interview, Doi Sensei answers questions about the second degree symbols, the role Dr. Hayashi played in the development of Western Reiki, and many interesting details about the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. He also talks about students who broke away from the Gakkai and started their own healing schools and explains the system of Reiki Ryoho he created called Gendai Reiki.

Reiki In Hospitals
by Jeri Mills, M.D.

This column focuses on how Reiki is being integrated into hospitals and clinics. In this issue Dr. Mills explains the process that lead to the introduction of Reiki at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and how this world renowned hospital is setting an example for other hospitals in providing alternative care. This article provides practical information and inspiration for those who are currently working in hospitals or clinics or would like to start.

Science Validates Spiritual Healing
An Interview with Daniel Benor, M.D.
by William Lee Rand

In this fascinating interview Dr. Benor explains how scientific research has demonstrated the therapeutic value of spiritual healing. There are over 190 scientific experiments in the area of spiritual healing and 124 of them have demonstrated valid scientific evidence that spiritual healing works. Dr. Benor is a researcher in the area of spiritual healing. He is also a practicing holistic psychiatrist, and on the advisory board of many scientific journals. He is also author of Spiritual Healing, Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution.

Reiki Transformations
by Diane Shewmaker

This is a new column about the many transformative shifts and changes that the experience of learning Reiki has brought into the lives of individuals. Many people have experienced radical changes in their character, employment, marriage, friends, health and more because of Reiki. Each issue will tell the story of one or more people for whom Reiki has been a life-changing experience. This first article is about Diane's own personal transformation in which she states, "To say that Reiki has transformed my life is more or less an understatement because, quite literally, every area of my life has undergone tremendous change. In fact, looking back, I can almost define my life into two distinct periods: pre-Reiki and post-Reiki."

Reiki and the Body of Light, Part I
by Walter Lübeck

According to Walter, enlightenment and lasting personal spiritual realization can only be attained if the Body of Light is working well and in a stable state. In this article Walter describes the Body of Light including the aura chakras, the holy mountains and other aspects and how working directly with them will help us to develop our spiritual nature more quickly. This is a very informative article and gives us insight into an area not many have written about.

Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies
by Mari Hall

Dr. Bach based his work on a profound philosophy in which life is seen as a learning process and ill health-whether mental or physical-is intended to help us understand more about ourselves and the purpose of our lives. From this understanding Dr. Bach created his famous flower remedies which work to heal the emotional nature. In this article, Mari describes the wonderful healing benefits that can be derived from combining Bach Flower remedies with Reiki.

The Whale Rider
Movie Mystic Review
by Stephen Simon

The films discussed are not "reviewed" in this column in the traditional sense of that word; rather, we look at metaphysical messages in films, both current and classic. A chakra rating is also given to indicate the level of clarity the film portrays for each of the 7 levels of consciousness. Stephen Simon has produced such films as Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come.

Pai, the thirteen-year old heroine of WHALE RIDER, guides us through her own experience of that moment of transformation. She hears the call of ancient whales that draw her and us into a film that is haunting, prophetic, and groundbreaking. This is an insightful review of this paradoxical movie. Chakra ratings are included.

Reiki Stories

These stories, sent in by our readers give real life validation to the practice of Reiki.  Many include people who had serious illnesses and before and after medical tests that confirmed both the existence of the condition and the healing. They demonstrate the miracle working power of Reiki and inspire us to develop our skill and use our Reiki. 

This is an exciting and valuable issue that will supply you with entertainment as well as quality information and instruction. If you have any suggestions on how the magazine could be improved, I'd be very happy to hear them.

The world is a wonderful place, filled with continual changes which bring with them a never ending supply of opportunities. May you grow in the ability to allow the wisdom of Reiki to guide how you create your life.

Love and peace to you and the world.

Reiki News Magazine
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