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Reiki Newsletter


The International Center For Reiki Training Reiki Online Newsletter!
Website Address: http://www.reiki.org/.

March 2007

Email Address: ReikiNews@reiki.org

It is my pleasure to send you the March 2007 edition of our Reiki online newsletter. Clicking on the links in the table of contents takes you directly to each article. To return just click on the "Return to Contents" link at the end of each section. I would enjoy your input so we can make this newsletter even more informative and valuable. Feel free use the input form toward the end of the newsletter to send any comments, questions, information or Reiki Stories that you would like to share with other Reiki people.

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Reiki Your Life for a Change 

by William Lee Rand


 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” - Helen Keller


All of us have the potential to live happier, more meaningful lives. An effective way to achieve this potential is to consciously set goals for ourselves that are healthy and right for us and then create plans of action to achieve them.


Reiki is a wonderful energy that also contains higher consciousness. This means that Reiki can both guide us in the choice of our goals and the creation of our plans as well as give us the energy and motivation necessary to achieve them. 


When using Reiki to set and achieve your goals, you’ll be operating from a higher level of awareness that isn’t restricted by limited thinking. Not only is it possible to achieve more but your goals will be better suited to your individual needs. 

People sometimes choose goals that are based more on what others think they need. This can include the opinions of ones parents, peers or society.  As an example; seeking happiness by designing your life on the basis of having more and better material possessions than your peers is certain to result in a shallow life that falls apart as soon as you’re alone laying in bed staring at the ceiling.  The achievement of goals such as these will ultimately result in unhappiness as they do not match what one really needs.


What is needed is to take some time for introspection to examine ones situation in life and see what might be missing that is preventing one from experiencing more meaning. What’s missing may look a lot different from what others approve of; but if one is to achieve happiness, one must have the courage to disregard the need for approval from others and to focus on and value ones own unique needs. Then to think about the changes necessary to add the meaning you desire and create the plans of action necessary to achieve your goals.


You may already have a good idea of the direction you’d like to go in to achieve greater happiness and meaning in your life.  But even if this is true, you’ll likely find the following exercise of value in helping further refine your goals and to achieve them:


Create a New Life


  1. Take some time to be by yourself.  This could be at home or perhaps a quite place in nature or some other peaceful location. Take a notebook and pen with you.
  2. Begin doing Reiki on yourself in a simple way such as by placing your hands on your legs. Ask Reiki to help you with this process.
  3. Then begin thinking about the various areas of your life such as your marriage/life partner or significant other, family and friends, work and career, free time, hobbies and recreational activities, health, including diet and exercise and so forth.
  4. Notice which areas make you feel happy and fulfilled and which do not.  Notice the extent that they do that. Think about why they make you feel the way you do.
  5. Ask for greater clarity in understanding the holistic nature of your life and how each of the parts affects the others.
  6. Ask Reiki to show you which area is most in need of change and would contribute the most to improving the quality of your life.
  7. Ask Reiki to help you understand which area(s) would be best to focus on first and would be the basis of beginning your personal life transformation.
  8. Request that Reiki help you create a plan of action to make these changes.
  9. Write your ideas down in your notebook.
  10. Realize that this process of refining your understanding and creating your plans can continue on after this session for several days or weeks.
  11. Set a date within the next few days or weeks when you intend to begin definite action to achieve your goal.
  12. Outline your goal and plans on one piece of paper, using both sides if necessary. 
  13. Fold the paper up, hold it between your hands and give it Reiki everyday.  Carry it with you and give it Reiki every chance you get.
  14. When the date arrives, start. 
  15. Check off each part of your plan as you achieve it.
  16. To keep your momentum going, you must do at least one thing each day to move you closer to your goal.
  17. Give Reiki to your goal everyday. 
  18. Be open to continuing to refine your plan as you go along.
  19. Don’t stop till you’ve completed the changes in your life you desire.

You stand now at a point of decision.  You have all the tools you need to create a life of greater meaning and happiness. Reiki is ready and waiting to guide your journey.  What new life will you create for yourself? Destiny is in your hands. 

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Reiki Ryoho, Part I
Understanding Byosen Scanning

by Frank Arjava Petter

This is an excerpt from the complete article that appears in the spring edition of the Reiki News Magazine.

In 1922 Usui sensei founded an association for his work called the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. Within four years he had trained twenty teachers. One of those fully trained teachers was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a licensed physician, who founded his own association in 1925, with his Master’s blessings.

Hayashi sensei, taught the same way his teacher did. He taught his art to many students and two of them that are known to us in the Western Reiki world; Chiyoko Yamaguchi and Hawayo Takata. The latter brought Reiki from Japan to the USA , thus liberating it from the constraints of strict traditional and secretive Japanese healing art and spreading it all over the globe. Without her efforts none of us would have learned Reiki.

We know now that Takata sensei did not teach Reiki the same way she was taught by Hayashi sensei. She simplified the system, leaving out many of the special techniques she was taught and created her “foundation” treatment which is the basis of Western Reiki . She made these changes so that Reiki could be learned more quickly by westerners who she felt wouldn’t be able to easily understand the Japanese philosophy the original system was based on.

The main difference between what later developed as the Western Reiki Tradition and the original Japanese Reiki Tradition is the practical way of giving a treatment that is Takata’s contribution.

Most Western practitioners learned to use the same set of hand positions in every treatment. This does not exist in Japan . Usui sensei and Hayashi sensei gave handbooks to their students that contained certain positions, but these were meant as guidelines for the beginner only. Experienced Japanese healers make use of an advanced technique unknown to most Western Reiki practitioners.

According to Mrs. Kimiko Koyama, a previous president of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, and Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei, both Usui and Hayashi followed what is called in Japanese “ byosen.” The word byosen is a Japanese word, but it is Reiki specific. You will not find it in the dictionary, nor in any other healing art. It is made up of two Chinese characters. The first one is “byo” which means sick, ill, or illness, and the second one is “sen,” which stands for gland or accumulation. In our case the meaning is accumulation.

How Reiki Works
Dr. Hayashi, according to Chiyoko sensei, often explained how Reiki functions; he said that it detoxifies the body. For this he used a beautiful analogy, which his students called “the muddy stream.” He said that if you look at a stream, it looks clear and beautiful. But if you disturb the water (giving a Reiki treatment), the mud from the bottom comes up to the surface, making all the water appear dirty (healing-crisis: the toxins have entered the body’s liquids). If you then keep cleaning the water of the impurities that have come up (more Reiki), it becomes cleaner and cleaner until the whole stream is cleansed and renewed. The client comes back to his natural equilibrium once more as any residue of the muck has been released by repeated Reiki treatments. If more muck accumulates, Reiki will be needed again.

The toxicity of the Body
Hayashi sensei said that the body accumulates toxins because of wrong movement, wrong food, as well as poor physical, emotional and mental habits. These toxins are deposited in certain places in the body, mainly around the large joints, the lymph glands and the inner organs, as well as in the head.

If the body, the mind, and the environment that they occupy all work well together, the body will eliminate toxins. The internal avenues of elimination are the intestinal tract, the liver, the kidneys, the bladder and the bodily liquids. Some toxins are expelled through the sweat glands, and, if something along the line is not in perfect order, the body eliminates them through the skin as well.

If, for some reason, toxins can not be eliminated, the toxicity increases until the balance in the body tips and health turns into illness. The first step to illness may be tension. If the body is not well taken care of during periods of stress, the inner organs will become toxic, and eventually, illness will develop.

A practitioner trained in the art of finding the byosen and in watching its movements can monitor the process I have described above. According to Koyama sensei, it takes several years to perfect this skill. When I first read descriptions of byosen in her teaching manual, which I was given about ten years ago, I felt suspicious. I thought that I could teach this technique in a weekend. But over the years I realized that I ought to be more humble. The art of Byosen is quite complex as well as amazingly rewarding. Chiyoko sensei often said that you can not treat someone successfully without following the byosen.

What is the byosen?
The byosen is the frequency that is emitted from a tense, injured or ill body part. But that is not all there is to it. It is also the reaction of the body to the incoming Reiki energy. Evaluating the two, an experienced practitioner can estimate the time needed for a treatment and the time needed for the recovery of the client. The byosen is a sign of Life . Our bodies are in constant movement to find their natural balance. This balance does not remain static; it changes moment by moment, and so do we!

The different processes in the body
The first step in Byosen is to become aware of all the different processes in the body. You feel the energy flowing through your hand and into your client. You probably feel the pulse of your client. You may be aware of an energetic pulse of the body that you are touching. You may feel the movement of energy in the body you are touching. You feel the temperature, the texture and the density of the body. And, you may feel the byosen. Because of the multitude of impressions, it is easier to feel the byosen in someone else’s body, and therefore it is easier to begin practicing on another person rather than on yourself. The easiest way to practice is with a client who is unwell, because the byosen will be strong and tangible.

Levels of byosen
The byosen has five levels, all of which you probably have experienced in your practice. But you may not have been aware of the fact that there is a system to what you are feeling. In general the following is universally true. But you may discover your own individual way of experiencing the byosen. Let it teach you.

This is just part of the article on Byosen Scanning. To read the rest of the article please subscribe to Reiki News Magazine.

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This issue will ship mid-March

Honoring All Reiki Schools and Lineages

The Reiki News Magazine is a 72-page full color glossy magazine containing articles on every aspect of Reiki practice written by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Reiki people on the planet. Below is a synopsis of the current issue.


Spring Issue

Welcome . . .
to the Spring issue of the Reiki News Magazine. Our purpose in publishing the magazine is to provide you with inspiration as well as new ideas and techniques so your practice of Reiki can be more fulfilling and beneficial - to you as well as those you treat. By calling on Reiki to guide this process and by continually searching for the very best writers and giving them the freedom and encouragement to produce their best work, we remain focused on fulfilling that purpose. Check the amazing list of articles below. This issue is both exciting and practical!

Here is a list of the articles in this issue:


How Hawayo Takata Practiced and Taught Reiki
by Marianne Streich

Mrs. Takata received her training in Japan from Dr. Hayashi in 1935 and practiced and taught for over 40 years. She was a powerful healer, yet her oral teaching style made it difficult for a clear understanding of her methods to be recorded. Careful research has pulled together many important facts to create a cogent description of her style of Reiki.

Reiki Ryoho, Part I, Understanding Byosen Scanning
by Frank Arjava Petter

Usui sensei created an intuitive method of Reiki practice that depended on the development of inner sensitivity to the human energy field. In this article Frank Arjava gives us a more detailed understanding of this important technique.


Create a Thriving Reiki Practice, Part II
by William Lee Rand

Learn how to turn your Reiki skill into a business that combines the material world with the spiritual in a harmonious and meaningful way. This article provides the practical information necessary to set up the business side of your practice.

The Saga of a Reiki Fundraiser
by Deborah K. Shields

Giving your Reiki ability freely to help others is a wonderful way to develop experience and provide service. In this article Deborah explains how.

Reiki Heals Spiritual Resistance
by Colleen Benelli

As we move forward on our path of self-healing, we are sometimes confronted with difficult lessons that seem overwhelming, and that we may not want to address. However, when we overcome our resistance to healing, we find that we are supplied with everything we need to succeed.

Reiki and Meditation
by Walter Lübeck

Usui sensei discovered Reiki while meditating and included meditation as part of his Reiki training. In this article, Walter explains many forms of mediation and how to combine them with Reiki.


Reiki and Hospice

by Janny E. Adkins, RN, BS, HTP, HNCEnd-of-life care requires a special sensitivity. Janny explains how Reiki has helped her deal with both patient and family situations in a loving and healing way.

Living with Diabetes the Reiki Way
by Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN, CH

Having an understanding of common illnesses we are likely to encounter in our practice of Reiki can help us gain a better rapport with clients and improve the quality of healing we provide. In this article, Kathie explains diabetes and shows how we can use Reiki to help.


Reiki Stories
Read the stories of people who have experienced the miracle-working power of Reiki.

This is an exciting and valuable issue that will supply you with entertainment as well as quality information and instruction. If you have any suggestions on how the magazine could be improved, I'd be very happy to hear them.The world is a wonderful place, filled with continual changes which bring with them a never ending supply of opportunities. May you grow in the ability to allow the wisdom of Reiki to guide how you create your life.

Love and peace to you and the world.

Read about the people who write for the
Reiki News Magazine


Back Issues


Back Issues
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Writers Guidelines
If you would like to write an article for the Reiki News Magazine,
please see our Writers Guidelines by clicking here

We are accepting some advertising in our new magazine. To learn more about how to advertise in the Reiki News Magazine, please click here.

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Back Issue Binder

Reiki News Magazine Binder
A Binder Full of Back Issues at a Great Price.
Includes 12 Issues, Spring 2003—Winter 2005.
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Reiki Story

Ovarian Cyst Disappears
I have met many Reiki practitioners who, like me, are working in the public or private sector.   Regardless of their professional status, there is a tendency for them to keep hidden their spiritual gifts of healing hands. 
After the death of my brother in 1979, I began my spiritual journey into the metaphysical world.  It wasn’t until the end of my career as a State Trooper that I was able to unravel this inner spiritual calling and use it to help others.  I sought the guidance from an astrologer who read my chart and told me that I was a healer in a past life.  A year later, I met with a spiritual medium who told me that I had healing hands and should learn the art of Reiki.   It was not long after, that another tragedy impacted my life with the sudden death of my best friend of thirty-three years. I prayed to the universe to show me a sign in order to make sense of these tragic deaths in my life.  The very next day I received the application for the Reiki I course.  I smiled and thanked the universe for this sign.
While still working as a police officer, I attained my Reiki I & II certifications and soon bought a Reiki table.   As my inner calling grew, my passion to physically help others became clear.  I joined like minds and provided free Reiki sessions to those in need.   Gradually I completed the Usui Master Level and Karuna Reiki Master Level courses.   I have also taken a twelve week QiGong Medical Healing Class.  I am still working in the law enforcement field and use Reiki on distraught citizens that I come in contact with. 
As I strengthened internally, I also was able to speak the truth to many individuals about Reiki and I have stepped out of the Spiritual "closet”.  I treated both my daughters with Reiki after they had their wisdom teeth removed.  Soon after applying my hands to their jaw area, the tears of pain stopped, their breathing became relaxed, and soon they were asleep.  Just recently, my wife introduced me to a school nurse who shared similar Spiritual ideals and had heard of Reiki, but never experienced a session.  Her nursing background prompted her intrigue with the Hands-On Healing technique so I offered her a Reiki session.  Three days later the nurse told me that her psoriasis of 27 years was now gone.  I joked with her and said that perhaps her skin condition had cleared up because she is now in love with a new gentleman.  With much determination, she insisted that she had psoriasis when she was madly in love during her eleven year marriage. 
The nurse also shared with me that she had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst measuring 5 mm which may require surgery.  Three days before her medical checkup and ultrasound, I gave her a second Reiki treatment for one hour.  During the session, I told her that, “…Only you can heal yourself, not me.”

After making that statement, she reinforced that she wanted to heal herself.  I placed my left hand, palm up, under her lower back while circling my right hand in a clockwise motion 3-5 inches above the area of her ovaries.  The energy connection between both palms was tremendous.  I actually felt the tingling on my left hand as the right hand circled above her body.  I repeated the mantra “It is Done.” dozens of times as my right palm chakra was buzzing with energy.  I had read that repeating the mantra “It is done” was used by six Reiki Masters on a patient to completely eliminate a malignant tumor in three hours.
After her ultrasound checkup, she told me that her doctor could not find the cyst at all.  Her physician checked several times and even showed her the monitor as he searched.  She then told him about her Reiki treatment and the disappearance of her psoriasis.  The doctor naturally said, “Yeah I’ve heard of Reiki, but sometimes these cysts come and sometimes they go away by themselves.”
Maybe so, but I still gave gratitude to God and the Universe for the healing power of Reiki love. John M. LaCross, RI


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Free Downloads

Our web site now offers free downloads of useful information including, the Reiki symbols, class teaching outlines, a client information form (given before a treatment), William's lineage and many other forms useful for teaching or giving Reiki sessions. To learn more about this, please click here:

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Reiki Class Schedules
William's Classes

Reiki I & II Class Workbook

Need a Reiki manual to use in your Reiki I or II class? I wrote this manual when I first began teaching Reiki. I have constantly updated it to contain the latest and most valuable information. It is now used by over 4000 teaching Reiki masters. To find out more, Click Here: https://www.reikiwebstore.com/ProductPage.cfm?ProductID=52&CategoryID=2

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Reiki Master Manual

A newly developed Reiki Master Manual is now available. Combined with the Advanced Reiki Training manual, its 160 pages cover all important aspects of advanced Reiki practice as well as providing a user friendly guide for giving all the attunements and teaching all the Reiki classes including the master level. It has been edited to contain the latest information on the symbols, attunements and history of the master level. It focuses on the Usui/Tibetan style of attunements, and also includes the original Takata style as well. Illustrated with more 34 drawings and photographs.

The information in this manual has been researched for accuracy and is based on the use of original documents and interviews with Reiki masters in Japan.


Use this manual when you teach Reiki master classes. Buy 5 or more and get a 30% discount This manual is also used in conjuction with Reiki, The Healing Touch when teaching Reiki I&II classes.

CP412 - $19.95, ISBN 1-886785171, 160 pages, 8-1/2" x 11, Spiral Bound To find out more, Click Here: https://www.reikiwebstore.com/ProductPage.cfm?ProductID=50&CategoryID=2

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Reiki and other Healing Books

The Reiki Touch - A Reiki Tool Kit
The Spirit of Reiki
Reiki, The Healing Touch
Reiki Master Manual
The Book On Karuna Reiki®

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Send Us Your Reiki Stories, Articles and Comments

I know many of you have had interesting Reiki experiences where you or someone else was healed or received benefit from Reiki. We are interested in reading about this and so are our readers! Please send us your Reiki stories. Also, if you have written an article about Reiki you would like to share with others send it to us using the form below. By sending in your Reiki stories or articles, you give permission for them to be published in this newsletter or in other Center or Vision publications.

You may find it easier to first compose your story article or comment, using a word processor and then highlight it, copy and paste it into the form below. Note that we cannot guarantee that everything sent in will be published.

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