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The Reiki Touch Kit
HT600 $39.95 Price: $35.95
In Stock
by William Lee Rand
DVD - 2 CDs - Workbook - Reiki Cards
This tool kit for Reiki practitioners contains all the basics of Reiki instructions, plus many advanced techniques including byosen scanning, gyoshi ho, seeing auras and past lives, contacting an enlightened being, spiritual protection, and much more. This is my best work to date.

Includes a free copy of the 2 hour Reiki Presentation DVD and a free pdf file of the first edition of the Reiki News magazine (which is otherwise out of print)
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CD: Past Life Healing
CD103 $12.95 Price: $11.65
In Stock
Past Life Healing by William Lee Rand
You have lived many times before and your subconscious mind has a perfect memory of all your past lives. Often the original cause of a problem is in a past life and by going back to the cause it is possible to understand the lesson the problem has to offer and to release the problem for good. This CD is based on twenty years experience in guiding people back into past lives for healing and personal growth. It allows you to choose the problem whose cause you would like to explore and guides you in a safe and healthy way to understand and heal the problem. When using the CD, you always have control and can awaken at any time.
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CD: Spiritual Protection and Healing
CD104 $19.95 Price: $17.95
In Stock
Spiritual Protection and Healing, by William Lee Rand
Listening to this meditation will cause a protective field of healing energy to surround you and protect you. It will also break all negative psychic cords, and transmute negative energy into positive energy. Side two enhances your healing process allowing you to heal on a much deeper level.
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CD: Chanting Reiki Masters
CD105 $16.95 Price: $15.25
In Stock
Reiki masters chant the Reiki symbols while beaming Reiki to the listener. All Four symbols are chanted at once. You're unable to hear the unique sound of each symbol as all four are chanted at the same time and the effect is very powerful. Listening to this CD or playing it in the background strengthens your Reiki energy and quickens the healing process.
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CD: Healing the Shadow Self
CD107 $14.95 Price: $13.45
In Stock
Heal The Shadow Self, by William Lee Rand
We create our own reality. This includes the experiences we want as well as those we don't want. It's the shadow-self that creates your unwanted experiences. This CD guides you through a process that leads you to the source of any unwanted experience you are having – the shadow-self which is within yourself, helps you understand why the shadow-self has been creating the unwanted experience, and guides you through a healing process. This is one of the meditations from the Karuna training.
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CD: AUDIO Reiki News Mag
CD612V52 $16.95 Price: $15.25
In Stock
The Reiki News Magazine is now available as a 3 CD set. You can listen
to the articles in your car, at home while working around your house or while relaxing.
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CD: Mrs Takata Talks About Reiki
CD101 $10.00 Price: $9.00
In Stock
This is an original recording of Mrs. Takata talking about Reiki. It includes a transcript. Now on CD.
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Japanese Reiki Techniques DVD
JRTD $21.95 Price: $19.75
In Stock
by Frank Arjava Petter
NEW! DVD format with menu. Allows you to instantly go to any of the Japanese Reiki techniques practiced by Dr. Usui including: Gassho, Reiji ho, byósen scanning, gyoshi ho, Joshin Kokyuu Ho, Shu Chu Reiki, Reiki Mawashi, kenyoku, Hesso Chiryo, Jacki-kiri Joka-ho, and much more. This 2 hour DVD contains only the techniques.
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CD: Reiki Panel Discussion
CD300 $10.00 Price: $9.00
In Stock
This panel discussion took place at the 2008 Reiki Retreat at Lake George, New York. Seven Licensed teachers with the ICRT answered questions presented by those at the retreat.
Sacred Reiki Sites of Japan DVD
SRSD $10.00 Price: $9.00
In Stock
Usui Memorial, Mt. Kurama, Train, Protocol for visiting Usui Sensei's memorial.
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